Royal Society of the Arts Student Design Briefs

Last week Rebecca Ford, Assistant Manager of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) Student Design Awards, came to present the current RSA student design briefs to the final year Communication Design and Interior Design students at Regent’s University London.

The Royal Society of the Arts is a charity which “encourages the development of a principled, prosperous society and the release of human potential” and use design to help build sustainable practices and intelligent design that will literally make the world a better place.RSA Student Design Brief

With briefs ranging from designing a way to ease the burden of water collection in the developing world, to designing a way to make young people eat healthily, the students have eight briefs to choose from, all with great prizes including internships, money and above all, networking opportunities.

Rebecca’s presentation was really helpful in giving the students insight into ways in which to tackle the briefs and she invited them to visit the RSA headquarters on the Strand and sign up for the free workshops they run.

We wish all students who enter this exciting challenge the best of luck!



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