Communication Design: Final Year Students Visit FutureBrand

In Induction week final year Communication Design students and lecturer Leora Brook visited FutureBrand.

This is the branding and design company that designed the branding for the 2012 London OIympics (though not responsible for the logo) and many other major design projects worldwide.

FutureBrand visit

FutureBrand visit

The visit was really appreciated by our lucky students.  It was great for them to get a feel of the way the whole team worked together and see the way the fantastic design studio in Holborn was set out, sketches, computers, bicycles (!) and all.  Also tremendous was the generous, enthusiastic and open way we were greeted by Matt Buckhurst (Creative Director) and Gareth Holt (Design Director).  We are also lucky enough to have Matt Buckhurst on the Industry Advisory Panel for the Communication Design BA.

The ideas and work that they showed us were really  tremendous and students came away buzzing –  the visit will have given them thoughts and images they’ll always remember.


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