New industry-focused ethos of Communication Design programme

The new industry-focused ethos of the degree in Communication Design got off to a fantastic start last night.

Regent's Communication Design degree 1st industry panel meeting

Regent’s Communication Design degree 1st industry panel meeting

The first meeting of the course industry panel was held in the new floor one design studio in Paddington Street. The building has just opened after a complete rebuild to create a set of contemporary design teaching spaces. The full panel consists of influential, highly experienced and wide-ranging and design industry professionals from London.  The advisory group includes Allan Fraser-Rush, Dick Dunford, Sally Bell, James Reid, Dave Brown, Pete Trainor, Darren Urquhart Tom Smith, Matt Buckhurst, Jeannine Saba and Phil Braham. All of the members are donating their valuable time to help the course achieve its aim to become a center of design excellence and to attract the best students from around the world.

Whilst some members couldn’t make it last night (the demands of their busy professional lives) eight of us spent the evening very productively. The tone was lively and very positive with plenty of suggestions from the group. We explored the question of how vocational preparation and real world experience might be built into the student experience of communication design at Regent’s. Many of the ideas will be progressively adopted by the course as it starts its relaunch next September with its new title and new year one intake.  The conversations continued over dinner and a few glasses of wine and we all left feeling very inspired and full of new ideas for the future.

Andy Langford, Programme Director


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