Four Corners European Script Development Workshops

Ornela Peka, first year BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production student, was selected for this year’s Four Corners European script development series of workshops. This is a fast track training scheme for film school students and trainers.

Ornela and eight other Regent’s School of Drama, Film & Media students have just returned from the second of four workshops of the 2014 programme.

One of the three teams from Regent’s will receive a grant of up to 2000 euros to create a teaser trailer for their proposed feature film. You can check out previous years’ trailers here:

Read about Ornela’s experience:


Firstly we finally managed to get an idea of where our script was going, we figured out the beginning, middle and discussed options for the end, this was essential because now the writer could come up with the dialogue for each and every scene we had spoken about.

Secondly we met producer Elli Toivoniemi. This was extremely helpful as a fairly new producer’s advice was useful in the way we approached our film’s narrative as well as the visuals involved. We discussed with her some ideas of the way we want to portray different genres and their meanings in our film through specific camera work.

Finally we began to think about developing one scene for the teaser which we would complete regardless of receiving the funding or not. We settled on creating a scene that would give away the essence of our film, a scene that would not necessarily appear in the film itself.”


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