Professor Helen Storey MBE: From Fashion to Science – a dialogue and journey

Professor Helen Storey MBE has been working across the disciplines of fashion and science for 15 years. She came to speak at Regent’s School of Fashion and Design to share one of her most recent projects, Catalytic Clothing.

The project focused on turning textiles into living, breathing materials that can purify surrounding air. This exploration brings to life the approaches of working with science and design in partnership and the exciting outcomes that can be delivered when opposite kinds of knowledge collide with purpose.

Professor Helen Storey MBE

Both students and lecturers alike were intrigued by the talk, enquiring about its development process during the Q and A, and expressing their anticipation to see what will happen next.

Professor Helen Storey MBE is an award winning British artist and designer. She is Professor of Fashion Science at the University of the Arts, London and Co-Director of The Helen Storey Foundation, a not-for-profit arts organisation promoting creativity and innovation.

Nominated for British Designer of the Year in 1990 and 1991 and awarded Most Innovative Designer and Best Designer Exporter in 1990, Helen Storey is at the forefront of science in design. She went on to publish her book ‘Fighting Fashion’ in 1996 that was described by Sir Paul Smith as… ‘At last the truth – a perfect and witty account of life and British Fashion’. She currently resides and works in London.


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