KISS THE DEVIL IN THE DARK – Kickstarter Project

Kiss the Devil in the Dark is a dark fantasy film set in a mythical Victorian-era world. This is a story of magic, demons, love, lust, friendship, betrayal and hell.

The team behind the short horror film ‘Kiss the Devil in the Dark‘ have created a Kickstarter project to raise money for post-production. The production and the edit of the film have already been done, but they still require funding for Visual FX, Sound Design and Mixing, Score, Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) and Color Processing and Grading.

Film Poster

Rebecca Martin, BA (Hons) in Screenwriting & Producing student at Regent’s University London, has co-directed, co-produced & written the screenplay. View our previous post to see the trailer and some impressive posters for the film.

They also have some exclusive one of a kind items they are giving away as part as rewards. Find out more about the film, how to get involved with the Kickstarter project and the rewards here.


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